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News Feature | K-Pop in Kansas City

This radio news feature presents the experiences of Lorelei Frazee, Pricilla Albarran, and Abigail Riego De Dios in their journey with being in the Kansas City K-Pop dance community.


Audio capture and mixing by Leilani Craig

Commercial | Choose Tortillas... Choose Violence

This is a 30-second commercial that sells the idea of using tortillas to vent frustrations in a fun way. Features voice acting from Thomas Delzeit and Leilani Craig.

Music: "Big Day Out"

Photography by

Audio Capture and mixing by Leilani Craig

Radio Drama | "The Other Side" Radio Drama

This drama follows a waiter who struggles to keep up with two tables after just opening their newest restaurant. Features voices by Icarus Roberts, Nolan Baker, Cassidy Lesire, Bryan Frye, Nathalie Colindres, and Thomas Delziet

Script: "The Other Side" by Kyle Carter

Photography by

Audio recording, SFX, and mixing by Leilani Craig

Podcast | Friendly Fire: Kids Believe in Weird Things

In this first episode of the "Friendly Fire" podcast, Thomas Delzeit and Sam Federoff dive into their past experiences as children and tell the interesting stories of things they used to believe in. Thank you for giving this show a listen.
Podcast also available on Spotify.

Episode produced by Leilani Craig​

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